Outranking Huge Real Estate Websites

Outranking Huge Real Estate Websites

What if I told you a small real estate team of three people started outranking multi-billion-dollar real estate corporations for high-value “homes for sale” keywords?

They jumped from several pages down on Google to outranking huge names like Redfin, Century21, Coldwell Banker, Compass, Movoto.

It took just 6 weeks for them to outrank these websites.

How Did They Out-Rank All Other Websites?

They followed our Surgical SEO strategies, combined with our $500/month hyperlocal marketing campaign focused on building a dominant Google Business Profile (GBP).

Website Ranking Results

Here are the website ranking results for a few of the primary keywords. You can see HomesofFortBend.com highlighted in orange and the competitors in yellow.

Keyword: Homes For Sale in Fort Bend

Keyword: Homes For Sale in Fort Bend

Keyword: Homes For Sale in Fort Bend County

Keyword: Fort Bend Houses For Sale

Hyperlocal Keywords

This screenshot illustrates the increase in google ranking position for the hyperlocal “homes for sale” keywords. Note the position change and the comparison date in the header is set to just 6 Weeks!

The website also started ranking for the following additional keywords:

How Were These Results Achieved?

No significant changes were necessary on the website itself. Most of the work was in the way of off-page connections and adjustments to make sure that Google knew that the website was an authority on real estate in the local area.

The positive changes were furthered amplified by the client following our detailed advice on generating Google reviews with the correct frequency and range of suggested keyphrases as this grew the list of keyword phrases that the website was ranking for.

What’s Next?

What is illustrated above is just what we were able to achieve in 6 weeks. These results should continue to trend along the same trajectory for some time.

Questions People Frequently Ask Us

How MNKY Agency Can Help Me Out-Rank My Competition?

Hyperlocal SEO is changing fast. The Google algorithm for keywords like “realtor near me” and “Palm Springs homes for sale” evolves with updates being daily. MNKY Agency leverages our deep knowledge in hyperlocal SEO to the fullest for our clients.

Google is Prioritizing (Correctly Optimized) Agents Over Brokerages

It’s an extremely exciting time for real estate agents to discover the power of hyperlocal SEO and Google Business Profiles.

As digital real estate marketing expert with over 20 years’ experience, take it from me, this is the best lead generation strategy of 2024.

How Much Does Hyperlocal SEO Cost?

The campaigns are affordable, and the ROIs are off the charts. We’re standing by to walk you through how MNKY Agency can turn 2024 into the year that your business saw exponential growth.

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