The Real Estate Recruiting Timeline

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One of the questions I get asked most frequently by real estate brokers looking to hire agents with us through our real estate recruiting partnership program is:

How quickly can we get agents on board?

Quantifying the effectiveness of a recruitment campaign in terms of specific time frames can vary based on several factors. Here’s a breakdown:

Short-Term (Days to Weeks):

  1. Immediate Response: The initial response to the campaign can be immediate, with agents clicking on the call-to-action button in the email and triggering follow-up calls from MNKY agency within the same day.
  2. Early Engagement: In the days following the initial contact, MNKY agency may engage in meaningful conversations with interested agents, addressing their questions and assessing their fit for the brokerage.

Medium-Term (Weeks to a Couple of Months):

  1. Nurturing Leads: Over the next few weeks, MNKY agency continues to nurture leads, building rapport with potential recruits and guiding them towards mutual interest in joining the brokerage.
  2. Conversion Process: As conversations progress, some agents may express a strong interest in the opportunity, potentially indicating agreement that it’s a good fit for them. MNKY agency can then facilitate further discussions with the broker, aiming to close deals within a timeframe of a few weeks to a couple of months.

Long-Term (Months to Ongoing):

  1. Onboarding and Integration: After successfully recruiting new agents, the onboarding process begins. This may involve several weeks of training, orientation, and integration into the brokerage’s culture.
  2. Long-Term Impact: The long-term effectiveness of the campaign extends beyond the initial recruitment phase. Successfully onboarded agents become valuable members of the brokerage, contributing to its success over the months and years to come.


In summary, while the initial response and engagement may occur relatively quickly within days or weeks, the full effectiveness of the campaign in terms of recruiting, onboarding, and integrating new agents into the brokerage’s operations can span several months and have a lasting impact on its success.

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