Real Estate Recruitment: The Big Ask, Small Ask Strategy

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In the realm of real estate, the dynamics often revolve around definitive outcomes – either a successful deal or a missed opportunity. Whether it’s clinching a listing or securing acceptance for a client’s offer, the stakes are high, and the window of opportunity is fleeting.

Recruitment in this field, however, operates on a different rhythm. It’s not a swift transaction but a journey that unfolds over time. Experienced agents don’t simply switch brokers overnight; it’s a process marked by contemplation and deliberation.

When wrapping up a recruitment meeting, it’s crucial to make the big ask – perhaps initiating paperwork for license transfer. However, it’s wise to have backup options, smaller asks, ready in case the prospect isn’t quite ready to commit.

The Big Ask

The big ask: Given our discussion today, are you ready to kickstart the paperwork for your license transfer?

If met with hesitation or a “no”:

The Small Ask

Small asks come into play: Understandably, this decision carries weight. Would you consider joining our sales meeting next week to experience our culture firsthand?


We’re offering a circle prospecting training session this Friday, perfect for getting insights into how we equip our agents to secure more listings. Would you be interested in attending online?


Even if the big ask doesn’t yield a positive response, these smaller requests serve a dual purpose. They provide insight into the prospect’s readiness to transition while keeping the door open for future opportunities. It’s a strategic approach that ensures progress, regardless of the immediate outcome.

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