Drama In Your Real Estate Office

People gossiping in the office

Within real estate brokerages, drama often finds its stage as managers adopt the role of “rescuers” to agents entrenched in a victim mentality.

Escaping this rescuer role and maintaining distance from its grip is a challenge worth undertaking. Yet, the mindset of, simply “Stop it” may not suffice.

Forbes contributor Remy Blumenfeld suggests that overcoming this dynamic is far from straightforward. Traditionally, awareness and sheer willpower were the prescribed remedies for navigating the Drama Triangle.

However, a newer management paradigm, The Empowerment Dynamic, offers a transformative approach to combat the pernicious influence of the rescuer role. In this model, the rescuer morphs into the coach, shifting focus from rescue missions to empowering inquiries.

Instead of swooping in to save the day, the coach facilitates informed decision-making by posing probing questions. The pivotal distinction lies in viewing individuals as capable and resourceful problem-solvers, rather than helpless victims.

This shift in mindset empowers you to dictate the level of drama within your team, fostering a culture of self-reliance and accountability.

In the broader landscape of talent acquisition, cultivating and retaining low-drama agents is but a single facet of a comprehensive strategy.

If navigating this terrain feels like an uphill battle, let’s engage in a dialogue and craft a roadmap to elevate your endeavors above the fray. Book a recruiting consultation

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