Persistence in Real Estate Recruiting

Plant growing from concrete crack

In times of uncertainty, here are three elements that are still within our control:

  1. Directing our focus.
  2. Determining the significance, we attach to events, discussions, and emotions.
  3. Managing our reactions to challenges and barriers.

Amidst the potential chaos, it’s crucial not to lose sight of these factors and avoid being consumed by speculation and anxiety.

Regarding real estate recruitment strategies:

  1. Persistence is key. Reports indicate ongoing active recruitment efforts, suggesting a competitive landscape where stagnation isn’t an option.
  2. Setting higher standards. While recruitment remains essential, the focus should shift towards elevating the quality of recruits rather than sheer numbers.
  3. Emphasizing listing potential. Amidst potential disruptions in buy-side commissions, prioritizing agents with strong listing capabilities can mitigate risks.


There are no shortcuts in navigating the current landscape, particularly in real estate recruitment. However, focusing on attracting high-caliber agents provides a stable anchor amidst the storm.

If you need to make adjustments to your recruiting process, don’t go it alone. Reach out and book a free consultation. We can help you spot the opportunities when things get bananas and avoid the mistakes others have monkeyed around with.

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