Navigating the Discomfort in Talent Aquisition Discussions


The Essence of Human Interaction

Professor Harry Reis from the University of Rochester highlights a fundamental aspect of human interaction: the necessity of feeling understood and acknowledged by others.

This encompasses:

  • Comprehension: Recognizing and valuing the other person’s priorities and perspectives.
  • Recognition: Acknowledging and respecting the individuality and aspirations of your counterpart.
  • Support: Demonstrating a willingness and effort to address and fulfill the other’s needs.

These elements are crucial in every interaction we engage in.

However, these expectations are often unmet in initial recruitment dialogues.

How can one navigate this challenge?

  1. Embrace the initial discomfort. Avoiding conversations at the first sign of awkwardness will hinder your ability to successfully engage potential candidates.

Understanding the root of this discomfort makes it easier to overcome.

  1. Shift the dynamic. Remember, the individuals you are reaching out to are also seeking a sense of connection and acknowledgment.

Prioritize their needs for comprehension, recognition, and support right from the start.

Effective recruitment transcends the mere need for connection; it involves genuinely addressing the needs of potential candidates.

Note: In the fast-paced world of recruitment, it’s often challenging to recognize these barriers on your own. This is where professional guidance can be invaluable. Feel free to contact us for further insights.

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